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Enhancing Businesses' Competitive Edge For Over 35 Years

RMA Group, a multi-disciplinary group that was formed in 1988 with the primary aim to provide value-added Resource Management and Advisory services to our clients to improve their competitive edge

As a leading business process outsourcing company based in Singapore, RMA has been delivering quality outsourcing services and solutions for over 35 years.

About RMA Group

RMA Group are experts in Business Process Outsourcing and we provide a wide range of services to clientele from all industries. Our strength is our ability to effectively and efficiently manage our resources, contributing to our experience to solve any problems for our clients. RMA achieves success through completing projects with dedication, integrity, and great value.

Well supported by our regional offices in Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia, RMA continues to grow its global network of strategic partnerships across China, Thailand, the Philippines, Australia and USA.

Our Group of Companies consists of RMA Contracts, RMA Consultants, RMA Infoworks and RMA Projects.

Our Vision And Mission

Our vision is to maximise our shareholders’ value and satisfy our customers’ needs as well as to provide our employees with a rewarding and productive work environment together with our commitment to conduct our affairs responsibly in the community.

We will accomplish this vision through our corporate mission of successful growth by managing our assets strategically and integrating our businesses through effective planning and allocating of our resources.

Our Corporate Culture - SPIRIT

Our organization’s foundation is built on our SPIRIT which distinguishes our principles and guides our actions.

To achieve excellence in our work, we build a sense of Security in whatever we do.

We take Pride in our performance and always approach our work with Integrity.

Being Reliable and working with Initiative helps us to achieve the best results for our Clients.

We share a common goal to foster Teamwork throughout our ranks and work hard to maintain these values.

The RMA Group Of Companies

RMA Contracts is a leading BPO service provider that uses cutting-edge technology to streamline core business practices for success.

We provide the following BPO services:

  • Digitalization and transaction processing
  • HR consultancy
  • Recruitment and manpower outsourcing
  • Customer relations
  • Managed services
  • Survey and Market Research

RMA Consultants is a highly experienced Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) service provider that excels in delivering strategic HR solutions and advisory to help strengthen human capital for business success.

Firmly grounded in comprehending significant social trends and key industry knowledge, RMA Consultants is focus-driven in providing practical HR solutions in today’s competitive marketplace.

We provide the following solutions:

  • Cross-functional executive search
  • Staffing
  • Recruitment
  • Other customized HR consultancy services

RMA Projects is a Project Management Outsourcing (PMO) service provider specializing in the planning and execution of outsourced business projects. RMA does so through the integration of proactive, hands-on approaches to managing specific project needs.

With expertise and track record in project management, RMA Projects is focus driven on working hand-in-hand with clients to achieve a competitive business edge.

We provide the following PMO services:

  • Project implementation
  • Management plans
  • Risk and cost-benefit analysis
  • Project audits
  • Project financing assistance
  • Construction management

RMA Infoworks is a professional Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) service provider. We deliver innovative IT-enabled business process solutions through agile application development and infrastructure solutions methods for business success.

RMA Infoworks develops IT strategies and business solutions to streamline today’s challenging business growth and processes. Furthermore, we are official partners of IBM, Microsoft, and AgilePoint.

Our IT business solutions include:

  • Business Process Automation (BPA)
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Human Resource Management System (HRMS)
  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • AI Driven Facial Recognition Technology

Our BPO Clients

Our Accreditations and Certifications

Our processes at RMA Group are certified as Evidence Act by PwC and are compliant with ISO 9001, 14001, 20000-1, 22301, 27001, 37001, 45001 and SS 584:2015. These accreditations are proof of our commitment to providing high-quality business process outsourcing solutions. Click on one of our certifications below to find out more.

Why US

We understand that business can be chaotic. That’s where we come in. We’re focused on adding some much-needed balance to the mix. We accomplish that by forging real partnerships with our clients. When you work with us, you’re working with a team who understands your pain points and your goals. We’ll help you find order in the midst of the chaos. 


We are intensely enthusiastic about providing a superior experience.


We are polite and kind to one another, even when it gets tough.


We are empowered to do our jobs and work towards a common goal.


We work as a team and trust each other to create a seamless experience.

Our Core Values

Our culture is built around five key attributes that differentiate us from our competition.

A team built on experience

We’re continuing to build our network nationally, bringing together a vibrant team with best-in-class service and technical skills alike. With more than 800 employees across the US, our team is growing fast.

The Begining

The Tecnologia journey began in 1995 when two college friends, John Salivan and Kris Klopperman got together and started selling computers and engineering calculators.


At Tecnologia, we’re on a mission to bring together the personal service of local IT providers with the power of a national network. We believe that’s simpler than it sounds. Our offices offer high-touch IT services that clients love from highly experienced local team members.

We are global

Our national network allows us to offer best-in-class services like dedicated vCIOs, specialized security and compliance advisory services, a 24/7 help desk, and more.

Dedicated to delivering excellence

Everyone has a story. Here is ours.