Collaboration Between Rma Group And Jutive To Transform Conventional Business Activities Into The Digital Realm

RMA Group is delighted to announce a collaboration to introduce data transformation services in Indonesia. PT Juvenil Eksekutif Internasional (Jutive) is an Indonesian based company which focuses on utilizing digitalization to solve business problems, including in marketing, sales, and operations. The collaboration will begin by establishing a creative and digital hub that will transform conventional business activities into the digital realm. One aspect of this transformation is converting physical data into digital data. The primary goal of data transformation is to transition physical data into digital data and utilize it as an additional asset for companies while increasing their valuation. Furthermore, RMA Contracts, through their PMA Company in Indonesia, PT RMA Solusi Indonesia, will incorporate all their services into the platform created by Jutive Group on, making it easier for the public to order services directly through the system and make payments using various popular payment methods in Indonesia. It is hoped that this collaboration will help accelerate data transformation to realize well-planned and well-prepared Big Data Management in Indonesia.

About RMA

Established in 1988, RMA Group is a leading integrated outsourcing specialist headquartered in Singapore with more than 1,200 employees across five countries throughout Asia-Pacific.

For more than 30 years, we are the major service provider for Government agencies (more than 70% of Singapore government agencies), MNCs (2 of the Big Oil and 9 of Fortune Global 500 companies), and other large enterprises in various industries.

RMA’s suite of services includes the outsourcing of Manpower, Business Process and Transformation.

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April 10, 2023

Even if we do not talk about 5G (specifically), the security talent in general in the country is very sparse at the moment. We need to get more (security) professionals in the system.

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