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AI facial recognition & application development services

Enhance your business with RMA Group’s innovative technology solutions. We provide an AI-driven facial recognition that provides CCTV security solutions, custom video surveillance analytics, customer loyalty analysis and even contactless biometrics against COVID-19.
We also specialise in web, mobile, and specialised systems integration development. Our team at RMA Group improves all of our clients’ business processes with our innovative application development solutions.

Transforming The World With Innovative Technology

Visitor Management System

Ensure safety and security for employees, contractors, and essential visitors – wherever they work – through our Visitor Management System. Our solution can be integrated seamlessly into your existing workplace applications to provide a truly innovative experience.

Application Development

We strive to improve your business processes with customised software and applications. Whether you require web or mobile solutions or specialised systems integration, RMA Group has got you covered.

Ai-Driven Facial Recognition And Augmented Reality

We at RMA Group leverage world-class AI algorithms to develop an AI-based biometric authentication solution that does more than detecting a person’s face. Our Facial Recognition Technology solution can be deployed to secure business premises, airports, transportation hubs, commercial centres, shopping malls and urban neighborhoods.

Learning Management System

Our eLearning platform allows learners to unlock learning solutions from wherever they are —with no travel needed. Delivered by our certified program leaders and subject-matter experts, this approach guarantees solutions that will help learners engage innovatively and efficiently.

Why Outsource With RMA GROUP?

Safer And Secure Smart Cities And Enterprises

RMA’s AI-powered facial recognition solution is trained to examine vast numbers of images with a self-learning algorithm for increasingly refined image analysis.

Intelligent Analytics

Heighten security or provide an exclusive experience to your VIP customer with intelligent video analysis – with blacklist and whitelist options, identify an individual quickly with time and date stamp.

GDPR Compliant

We design our AI facial recognition with GDPR compliance in mind, meaning that individual identities remain secure and safe.

Software, Networks & Applications Are Our Specialties

Our cost-effective, professional and proactive software development service delivery makes us one of the most sought after business process outsourcing companies.

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