Payroll Management With RMA Group

We at RMA Group offer a single established point of support for your outsourced services, be it accounting services or IT infrastructure management. Our core competencies are founded on industry-proven best practices that ensure fast and efficient turnaround time for information, queries and requests.

Our payroll processing services include:

New Hire Process

  • Register to Pay Monthly CPF vis GIRO (One time)
  • Register for Payroll Setup

Monthly Payroll

  • Monthly Payroll Computation, including pay items’ calculation based on statutory requirements and company policies
  • Monthly GIRO arrangement
  • Arrange Salary Payments via Internet Banking 
  • Payslip Preparation
  • Preparation & filing of monthly CPF contributions
  • Standard and Customized Reports

Government-Paid Leave Schemes

Preparation and Submission of NS Men Make-Up Pay, Maternity, Paternity, Shared Paternity, Adoption, Child Care and Extended Child Care Claims

Tax Computation

  • Register for Income Tax Online Account
  • Preparation and Submission for Form IR21 and IR8A
  • Filing of year-end income

Resignation/Termination Process

  • Outstanding Payroll Computation, including pay items’ calculation based on statutory requirements and company policies

We cater to different
company of any size

Start Ups & Small Enterprise

Less than 30 staff

Mid Sized Enterprise

30 to 100 staff

Large Corporation

More than 100 staff

Why Outsource With RMA GROUP?

Statutory Compliance

Our certified professionals are well-versed with stipulations of the statutory compliance by Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) which regulates business entities in Singapore.

Documentation Upkeep

Our dedicated team at RMA Group will ensure all documentations, minutes of meeting and any changes of your company is upkeep to the latest revision and ready for any reference by authorities.

Time & Cost Savings

Our vast resources and team means that you will save time and cost compared to doing this on your own.

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